Glory Cloud Appears at Canadian Parliament

March 15, 2007

During the Ottawa and Quebec Canada revival meetings, we spontaneously took a group of believers to Parliament Hill and the governmental headquarters of Canada to sound the shofar and prophesy. As we worshipped in the Spirit I felt liquid-like joy raining down on us from heaven...and then suddenly to my right I saw a bright glowing light that looked like the glory cloud or angelic being! At the same time an off-duty Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer was in the vicinity taking photos with a 35mm SLR camera and I began laughing in the Spirit that perhaps when he later would develop the camera film that this bright light I was presently seeing would also show up miraculously on the prints! Not only did this supernatural manifestation I was seeing show up on his film (only on the 7th frame of 35mm film), but also if you look closely at the top left corner you will see the image of a man clothed with a bright robe and with His left hand stretched out over us! Could this be the Lord Himself? Glory to God!!! (Click here to read the testimony from the photographer of the picture)


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