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I just wanted to personally thank all of our friends and partners for their faithful love, prayers, and sacrifices.  While maintaining radio silence over here in this very hostile sector along the green line in Israel, I think and pray for you'all often.  It is so inspiring to look back and ponder on all the wild Holy Ghost services we were in together in North America and Europe the last 20 years and to yearn for that same Glory cloud visitation to hit the Middle East!  If it was not for those "hidden" revival services on those sparsely attended Monday nights when His Glory cloud visited and we were caught up for hours/days in those Theophanies... then it would be very easy to lose focus and settle into a more comfortable running pace.  But no!  I hear the trumpet sound of Revelation 4 kicking in and we must pick up the pace in this race and decrease so He can increase!  It is time for His new River of Fire to tsunami this ancient fertile crescent area of Biblical historical nations!  I love His mysterious visitations and live for nothing else on this planet!  I have seen His Glory realm and will never go back to anything else! I'm addicted and possessed with Him!

The project to pay off our USA ministry offices is now at $232,750.00 and of course we have monthly expenses for the stealth operations ongoing every month.  Mega shalom and blessings to you for the supply drops to keep us moving forward and possessing the land!


IAF Supply drop in the desert

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