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In some of our past operations, I have been granted the unique privilege to spend quality time with certain members of the Israeli Special Forces. Not only was I able to glean from their high level of commitment, discipline, and group unity; but I was also given by the Spirit of God, the “know how” to correctly apply these same principles into robust NT discipleship training. This type of exemplary living can be found in the Scriptures as the Desert Shepherd Warrior pattern of Kingdom warfare and is the only true paradigm of NT ministry. This is a new move of the Holy Spirit we are all finding ourselves in and it is so exciting that He can raise up all of us nobodies (i.e. Gideon's) to be transformed into powerful warriors for His service! This is simply how the Gideon 300 Tactical Surgical Warfare Unit (TSWU) was conceived and is based on the Scriptural principles of:

Stealth Warfare | Surprise Attacks | Spontaneous Operations

The shofar (trumpet) is sounding to rally the warriors
together for this final battle of time!

Join us now for this exciting adventure!

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