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Based on the Scriptural precedent of the Desert Shepherd Warrior paradigm of Kingdom warfare, OPERATION IMMINENT TRUMPET was birthed in 2003 to face the challenges of 21st Century terrorism. We have been commissioned by the Commander and Chief of the Armies of Heaven that now is the 911 moment in time to launch out and perform tactical strikes against the encampments of the enemy in Israel, the Middle East, Europe, and North America. The reconnaissance information we receive from the Spirit of God to perform these tactical strikes comes spontaneously within the envelope of an exemplary style of Scriptural living He has commanded us to adhere to. It is in this environment that the Desert Shepherd Warrior paradigm of Kingdom warfare finds it’s greatest expression in the sudden exploits for hostage rescue and infrastructure eradication. The theme of Operation Imminent Trumpet’s mission also mirrors the modern day counter-terrorism operational pattern of the Israeli Special Forces and is thus summed up as one Israeli Brig. General has said,
"...Small units with ample intelligence can be most effective. The idea is to create a dilemma for the enemy (terrorist) and try to disrupt its activity. We call this tactic Surgical Warfare."
In a like manner, God now wants to raise up small tactical units whom He will train in the spontaneous windward ways of this paradigm of Kingdom warfare, and thus bring great glory to Himself. He wants to disrupt, confuse, and then plunder the enemy's encampments and this is a Scriptural precedent we see throughout the history of Biblical warfare. God is not looking in this new 911 hour for "professional" ministers, but exclusively for simple believers that will allow Him to mold them into robust bondservants that will rise up and tactically flow in this end time wave of His Spirit known as the "Spirit of Justice" (Isaiah 11 and 42)! The sound of surgical tactical confrontation is increasing in the operational war room of the Kingdom of Heaven in this late hour. Now is the time to Arise, Shine, and Flush out His enemies that manifest in varying shadows of asymmetrical terror…and not just continue to sit back with a bunker mentality of fear and isolationism! We are all called to take part in this epic spiritual battle for the Glory of the LORD! Within this section of our website is a more comprehensive overview of what the Holy Spirit is signaling this ministry to expedite quickly in this war against terror. Time is short dear friends; God bless you for volunteering freely to help us in these special commando operations coined by Him as Operation Imminent Trumpet!


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