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The Commander and Chief has instructed us to initiate 4 Phases for the
Tactical Surgical Warfare Unit (TSWU) “Gideon 300”

Phase 1:
The first phase (which is ongoing) is to do counter-terrorism and Government anti-corruption operations. This has been done with great fruit throughout North America, Europe, and Israel with so many testimonies that it is hard to keep track of them all.

Phase 2:
The second phase (completed) is to raise financial support to be on location in the Middle East. This is a faith project and with the current situation building in that theatre of the world, we need to be there conducting tactical shofar operations like never before!

Phase 3:
The third phase (initiated in Jan of 2008) is to raise additional financial support to build out a multi-purpose center here in the Middle East.  This will be a stealth supply drop zone and rendezvous point for the team of tactical warriors operating either short term or long term in this sector.

Phase 4:
The third phase is still under wraps in stealth and will be unveiled in the near future.

Though I do not want to spend much time making extended appeals for finances (we are asking $1K or more per warrior), I do believe the 911 hour we are in and the amazing miracles that are now happening in sync with these exploits verify that this campaign known as OPERATION IMMINENT TRUMPET is the "real McCoy", and thus is a very worthy and noble cause. The operational amount we need is not that much when compared to the overhead of other ministries. But what makes this so unique is the return that many of our current Gideon 300 donors are receiving...literally it is a supernatural break out of Jubilee!!!

There is a very powerful law to "fortify" you to stay in sync with this operation. As you cheerfully give...there comes upon you a profound anointing and functionality to do the same robust exploits. Some of the Gideon warriors have even noticed an upward manifestation of greater miracles when they sound their own shofarot after having given to this operation. Those with businesses and ministries have noticed a deeper hovering presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives and a new found understanding of the Scriptures that translates into new creative business ideas. The list goes on and on.... I'm not trying to recruit anyone to this tactical warfare unit for money. That is not my ambition. My heart is to ruthlessly obey the Commander and Chief in the same way as He gave me directive on June 11th, 1994 to gather a small tactical unit and to sound the shofar at the headquarters of the Lubavitch movement and proclaim their recently publicized "Rebbe"…as the false Messiah...and he then suddenly dies exactly 60 seconds later!

This again is the same parallel directive He is now giving us to raise up more elite Gideon 300 Tactical Surgical Warfare Units (TSWU)! And it is time to do together even more exploits that has never even been seen before in earth's history! We are here to help you quickly obey His calling on your life! Prayerfully consider on becoming a Gideon 300 Tactical Warrior today!!!

Join us now for this exciting adventure!

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