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Briefing - Overview


This Tactical Surgical Warfare Unit (TSWU) is being supernaturally brought together under the core banner of Operation Imminent Trumpet:

  1. This robust unit is made up of believers who have a burning passion of love for righteousness and burning hatred for evil (Hebrews 1:9).

  2. These are brothers and sisters, young and old, who want to do something dynamic against modern terrorism and the other rapidly spreading evils of the 21st Century
    (Ps 110).

  3. These believers have an intense love and loyalty for the Nation of Israel and the Jewish people (Romans 9-11).

  4. These believers want to facilitate this current move of the Holy Spirit back into the original Early Church pattern (Book of Acts).

  5. These believers are autonomously hearing that there is an explicit 911 warning right now by the Holy Spirit (Joel 2)!

  6. These believers want to be a part of a family of unassuming bondservants that truly exhibit the love of God towards one another (Phil. 2).

  7. These believers enjoy high-level adventure, excitement, and the lifestyle of victory that comes from living in the mysterious envelope of robust discipleship as is exemplified by in the Desert Shepherd Warrior pattern of NT ministry (Ps. 68)!

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