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I use these terms to describe modern Special Forces that have already been inserted behind enemy lines and have predetermined times and zones for being re-supplied or re-deployed. In a like manner, because of digital technology and the relative ease of modern transportation, we can also be in direct contact with each other in very short order to encourage, re-supply, and even receive your feedback about the current battle logistics you are specifically facing. Once volunteering to join us...we can stay connected by these three ways:
  1. Early Morning Manna- These are spontaneous email reconnaissance reports and prophetic warnings we receive from the Spirit of God to issue out to you. I encourage you to not just read these but also look up the Scriptural texts referred to and thus receive encouragement for your decisive combat situation you are currently in.

  2. Streaming Video- These are spontaneous video recons and warnings that are currently available on our media gallery page of our web site. This again is an excellent resource site to receive fresh impartations and miracles for finding that secret place in the battle. These web pages will be exclusively tailored for the volunteers of the Gideon 300 Tactical Surgical Warfare Unit (TSWU) and will be frequently updated .

  3. Regional Gatherings- Whether it is visiting us at our regional gatherings or traveling to Israel; will always be able to enjoy fellowship time with us for council, encouragement, and impartation.

It is important that we stay connected and updated about each others activities for the exchanging of victory reports from your specific sectors of deployment. I also believe very strongly in the transference of the anointing by the doctrine of laying on of hands (Hebrews 6). The anointing of the Spirit of Justice that some Gideon warriors have received thru these drop zones and rendezvous points the last few years and even the exploits that they are now doing is so outstanding! I fully expect these specialized exploits to get even stronger and more multidimensional for future spontaneous operations as we quickly approach “the Days of Awe” as is outlined in Hebrews Chapter 12! The cry I hear from many of you is the need for comradeship with fellow warriors since so many places of worship today are spiritually drying up. And I wholeheartedly agree with you! Dalit and I are making the effort to pull this elite combat unit together and be one of the rallying points for His army in this exciting hour. We desire to be here for you and assist you in whatever way possible.

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