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Briefing - Command Structure


The Commander and Chief of this tactical unit is The Lord. There is no limiting bureaucratic religious system or a hierarchy of leaders mirroring the monarchy kingship pattern of administration in place to interfere with this special Gideon 300 Tactical Surgical Warfare Unit (TSWU) and it's stealth operations. In the last two decades of conducting spontaneous operations, we have always preferred small groups of simple yet radical believers to be the most effective in plundering the enemies camp of lost souls (i.e. hostage rescue). The simple leadership that is employed…are those with the most experience in these operations and are not "control freaks" are chosen to lead us into battle. This has worked out very well for group cohesiveness and creating a "Band of Brothers (and Sisters)" with indigenous loyalty for one another. Dalit and I have not desired to lead these current counter-terrorism operations, but it just kind of fell in our lap when we noticed nobody was taking on this task. Thus, we have picked up this banner and are doing our best to be the servant/architects to rally the troops around this strategic objective. I believe God will use our many years of front-line battlefield experience to help encourage and impart to you the anointing and strategy needed to successfully wage Tactical Surgical Warfare.

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