Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)!

Shalom Friends,

The term “ground zero” is used to describe the point on the earth’s surface where an explosion occurs.  In this communiqué it is the term given to me by the Holy Spirit to describe what is happening here in Israel.  Last week’s historic flashfloods in the “ground zero” dry riverbed of the ancient prophet Isaiah’s oracle is a sign to all of us that a new thing has begun (see link).  What that new thing entails is only known by the mysterious Divine providence of God and He will do it suddenly to surprise all those who might say, “Oh yeah, we already prophesied that would happen” (Is. 48:3-11).

More...This then behooves us as NT warriors who are joyfully consumed to please Him, that we must find the spiritual “ground zero” in our hearts where real change can only begin.  Unless we break open the alabaster box of our secret chambers to be flooded by His will, then we will run the risk of missing this new thing that He has now inaugurated on the earth as is seen by this radical sign of Isaiah 43:18-21.  Therefore, I have put together a fresh audio podcast on how you can find that ground zero place in your heart and thus make the necessary preparations to catch the thermal currents of the new thing He is now invisibly warming in the earth.  I for one do not want to miss this new thing by allowing myself to be dull of hearing or stubborn and not ready to give up the old wineskin.  It is so easy to love the old wine that you do not press into the new He has for us!  Enjoy this audio podcast and may His word shake and bake you in the ground zero of His glory zone!  It is time to shed the old and once again metamorphosize into being people of the windward realm!

Dalit and our family have a special appeal this week for a extra renewed source of donations for the ministry here in Israel.  We have poured everything we have personally into this new work and are asking our friends and partners to do the same.  We just want to be like the Macedonian believers (2 Cor. 8) who experienced the grace of the Lord Yeshua the Messiah in such a deep way that they just begged for the opportunity to give to help bless God’s people in Israel.  Please prayerfully yield to His grace and do help us with some immediate living expenses that is over and above the Special Ops projects listed below.  Help keep us here in the Land and not having to move back to the USA to itinerate for long periods of time.  We must be here on location and continue our nightly runs against Islamic terror, drug smugglers, Jewish mafia, and forms of evil unseen before here since the days of Sodom and Gomorrah.  The enemy does not want us here and yet can’t touch us…so he has been cunningly attacking our supply lines (partners) to keep them off balance.  The need is critical and feel free to email me if you would like to know the exact amount now needed.  It’s been a great and victorious campaign here in Israel, and we now need extra ammo and supplies to continue.  It would be easier to move back to the States but we have been fashioned by Him to be warriors and we need to stay in this war here…so please send a extra parachute drop of needed supplies soon!

Thank you for all your love gifts and prayers for us these last 30 months and lets together keep counterattacking these vicious serial killing warlords that are wanting to terrorize, dominate and control God’s people and His chosen land!  There are so many miracles against the strongman here that it could make a great documentary….  But we have been instructed to continue to stay stealth…and in that we will obey for His Glory!

(Listen to “Ground Zero For The New Thing” Podcast)

In His love,

Scott and Dalit

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