Boqer Or (Good Morning Light)!

Shalom Friends,

Massive flashfloods have hit the deserts of Israel this week and now yesterday the Northern Galilee city of Nahriyah was flooded.  Nahriyah in Hebrew means the “River of God”!  Wow!  Could we be seeing a prophetic watershed event happening before our very eyes that requires us to activate now?  I have been called to be a Holy Ghost weatherman to declare to the Body of Messiah when the Israeli deserts known as the Aravah/Yishimon suddenly experience record breaking flashflooding.  It is based on Isaiah 35 and 43:18-21, and is the key prophetic event in the Scriptures you can hang your hat on when activating yourself to catch the new wave that God is mysteriously sending upon the earth!  Even the Messiah’s return is featured like a flashflood in Isaiah 59:19-20!


My morale is peaked out right now dear friends because two days before this unexpected flooding hit here in Israel I was in prayer again asking Abba for major signs and wonders to break out to arrest the attention of believers worldwide to what is happening here in stealth secret.  This is a follow up to the same thing that happened two weeks ago with the double rainbow appearing at a spontaneous prayer location at one of the Special Forces bases!  I’m stunned and yet very peaked out and ready to sprint in a all out race to see and carry His glory!  The earthquakes, shakings, financial troubles, rumors’ of wars, etc…is just the beginning of the birth pangs coming on the earth (Matthew 24).  We need to be clothed in endurance to stand up to the big test planet earth is in right now!  Keep lifting up your heads because our redemption is drawing nigh!!!!

(The Yishimon and Aravah deserts in flood stage!)

I have put together a audio podcast this morning to help explain the Scriptural precedent of why God uses the desert environs of Israel to signal to His chosen people the new thing He is doing in the earth.  Don’t get caught up in all the presumptuous speculation out there in the media or mystical prophetic crowd…instead look directly in the Scriptures to the precedent He has placed in the desert environs of the Promised Land!  Enjoy this audio podcast and let it be kerosene for your spiritual fire to pick up the pace in this final race for lost souls!!!

In His service for your faith,

Scott and Dalit

Prophetic Is.35,43 FlashFlood Event Video Links

Here is a past video from our web site of this Isaiah 35 and 43 riverbed

And here is the same riverbed in flood stage today!

Other Links to this Exciting  Prophetic FlashFlood Event

Click above images to view video footage
of a helicopter rescue by the IDF

(Click images above to view each video)

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