RARE FLOOD ALERT! The Ancient River Of Isaiah Is In Flood Stage Today!

Shalom Friends,

The epicenter of this ministry is centered in declaring the new thing God is doing in the earth according to the ancient prophetic oracle of Isaiah 43:18-21.  When God does a new outpouring of His Spirit worldwide it is preceded by a ancient prophetic sign based in the geography and watershed of Israel.  It is called the Yeshimon desert and is one of the most barren wasteland on the earth.  However, when it receives a rare deluge of flashfloods then it is God’s declaration that He is doing something new and unprecedented in our generation!  Glory to God!!!

More...Today massive rainfall has deluged the south of Israel on a scale not seen in over 40 years!  More rain fell overnight than the total amount of rainfall in the Negev for the past 10 years.  Israel is stunned and all roads in and out of this region are either washed out or closed early this afternoon. Magnificent waterfalls and rapids have broken out all over the deserts of Israel and this water is draining  right into the Yeshimon desert of Isaiah 43:18-21!  In the next few weeks the desert should be beautifully carpeted with wild desert flowers and greenery, which is the exact terminology used by Isaiah to describe the new highway of holiness found in  Isaiah 35!  Dear friends, something new and unprecedented is now upon us!  Get your spiritual surfboards re-waxed and your wetsuits ready…a new gullywasher of the Holy Spirit is on the way!

Did you know that Israel’s salvation and spiritual awakening is directly tied to this flashflooding event per Romans 11:25-26 which is a direct reference to Isaiah 59:19-20!  And the One coming in like a flashflood is not the enemy, but according to the Dead Sea scrolls is the Lord Messiah Himself!  It is time to sound the shofar and wake up His army in this late hour!

Here is a past video from our web site of this Isaiah 35 and 43 riverbed

And here is the same riverbed in flood stage today!

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We are here to service your faith!  Don’t be bewildered or full of fear about what is now shaking on planet earth and amongst the nations!  A new wave of His glory is on the way!!!

In His watchtower,

Scott and Dalit

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