CONFLICT RESOLUTIONS: Are You Overcoming this First-Strike Capability of the Enemy?


A couple years ago while ministering in Atlanta, GA.  I was taken up in the Spirit of God and saw a major offensive being planned against the Body of Messiah from deep within the enemy’s camp.  It looked like a storm or squall line of dark clouds suddenly rolling in like you would experience in the Summer months on the plains of Oklahoma.  The next thing I saw was many believers going about their daily activities totally unaware that this attack was about to hit and that they would also not understand even where this attack was coming from until it was too late and that the damage was done.

During this same time I also received a sudden rush of Internet orders for our 1995 teaching tape THE TORNADO VISION and then a young man who receives many accurate dreams (verified by his pastor in Oklahoma) suddenly calls me out of the blue describing to me these dreams of a sudden storm system coming with many tornadoes!  As the prophetic hydraulic fluid pressure continued to build within me that something very dangerous was coming… suddenly later that weekend the United States was hit with the most tornadoes ever in one day!  Then to top these things off 90 minutes later I’m invited to sound the shofar of warning on a live international TV program by Juanita Bynum!  Those who saw the broadcast can attest to the Awe of God that invaded that interview and shofar soundings!  (We were subsequently invited to minister at Juanita Bynum’s The Threshing Floor camp meeting the at the Georgia Dome with an expected audience of 80,000 plus people!).

Let’s now examine some key end time Scriptures about what this storm is….

” And because lawlessness is increased, most peoples love will grow cold”
(Matthew 24:12 NASB)

Notice here that the word love is “Agape” (the God kind of love) will wax and grow cold in the hearts of believers during the last days before Jesus return to planet earth.  This is a very serious warning and we must not be caught off guard to this epidemic of apostasy and secret falling away that is now happening.

But let’s look even deeper into the context of why and how this is happening….  It is found in the verses proceeding which has this progression.

  1. Believers will be offended
  2. Believers will betray one another
  3. Believers will hate one another

…And out of this environment many false prophets will arise and mislead many (Matt 24:11)!

So it is not just the false prophetic and lawlessness we need to try to avoid and combat in the front-lines…it is OFFENSES (in our flank) that is the bottom line weapon that the enemy is successfully using to wear down God’s people in this final hour!


We need to NOW then take evasive action!!! But How?

I suggest we all right now look into a subject to strengthen our faith muscles for the love walk and that subject can be coined as CONFLICT RESOLUTIONS.  Because this storm I see coming is very, very evil and cunning and we must be ready….

Let’s look at this brief summation of the Biblical facts-

  1. Jesus is warning in the Last Days that a lawlessness will erupt and evaporate the Love of God from believers hearts (Matt. 24).
  2. This will be centered around offenses and betrayal.
  3. Proverbs 5 and 7 describe the portal to Hell is illustrated by a wicked adulterous woman who is very cunning and tempting.
  4. James 3 describes this woman as the wisdom which comes from below…earthly, natural, and the epicenter of all demonic work.
  5. And portal of all demonic work is characterized by strife, jealousy, and selfish ambition. (See James 3:14-16)!

Notice what the Holy Spirit is saying thru these texts in Proverbs and James to us today.  ALL DEMONIC ACTIVITY IS CENTERED IN THE ATMOSPHERE OF JEALOUSY, SELFISHNESS, AND STRIFE.  (this is the storm that is upon us all now)

….AND the warning from James is for us not to be arrogant and lie against this truth!

What is our first step of Evasive Action? DEATH!

  1. Take up our cross and die to self ambition, self justification and only obey the Word of God!
  2. We must be brutally honest with ourselves and not lie against the searching Truth of His Word!
  3. James says the wisdom from above is first pure…  That means we must radically take inventory and cleanse ourselves of all worldly pleasures and stimulations.  Purity in speech, thought, and what you allow into your eye and ear gates concerning electronic entertainments.  Be Holy and be blameless in your conscience is a pre-req in this hour!
  4. Take up the attitude of Hebrews 13 of being a scapegoat and going outside the camp bearing the reproach.  (Very rare character trait seen today).

The Second step of Evasive Action is RECOGNITION and RECON

  1. Recognize that the enemy’s secret but very lethal weapon of first choice to take us down is by strife and division.
  2. He will strike repeatedly at the areas he smells the most flesh of self ambition and a Cross-less lifestyle.
  3. He will send offense which will usually ride on the back of jealous believers, family members, and then strangers.
  4. He wants to create a division… a wedge…and operate from that launching point. Don’t give him place!
  5. Stay in continual alertness and RECON mode for offenses and strife.

The Third step of Evasive Action is JUDICIAL PRECEDENT

  1. The Word of God already states the Judicial Precedent that must be followed in
    Matthew chapter 18
    (please read this chapter now).
  2. If your brother or sister offends or sins against you…go directly to them First!
    (not anyone else or the justice system of God is not in your favor).
  3. If they do not listen…bring in witnesses who know intimately of the situation or are directly affected by this offense and will be the next step in line to receive fallout and the collateral damage of this persons sinful and lawless actions.
  4. Then you bring it before the local church (that is why it is good to be part of a God ordained gathering place of believers in a NT pattern).
  5. If there is still no repentance then you treat that person as a heathen and tax gather…not reject them and cut them off…but rather love them unconditionally as Jesus did the heathen and tax gathers in His earthly ministry.  However, to often the guilty person is treated as a heretic and outcast and unknowingly that silent treatment and distancing by believers (i.e acting like beavers in their secure lodge) is what cements the division that the enemy has wanted all along!

(Is this helping some of you’all this morning? Hint, hint!!!)

Time does not allow me to go into more Scriptures this morning concerning love, unity, restoration, etc… But let me sum up some concluding thoughts for you dear warriors.

Everyone of us do not like this grieving process of strife and division. That is one reason why it is so much easier on our “flesh” to just avoid these issues and not follow the proper
Matthew 18
guidelines when somebody sins against us.   We are too quick to cut them off and distance ourselves from them and the issue.  We must be lovers of THE TRUTH and employ the evasive action of confrontation to stop dead in it’s tracks this very lethal weapon of strife and division the enemy has been using to destroy, maim, and hamstring so many believers (if you don’t deal with this it will also effect your health)!  The fight is on and the enemy is throwing everything…including the kitchen sink at all of us in this final battle.  There are no rules of engagement here and there are no Geneva convention guidelines.  Our enemy has no conscience and is moving swiftly against all of us even now.  We must strike back and transition into a life long commitment of love an unity at all cost….  (How many believers and ministries out there are really going to listen to this today?)

In the last 25 years of ministry, I have seen that usually the hardest group to get “un-offended” are full-time ministers.  They think that just because the anointing of God is manifesting in their services and they are doing so many good works that they are above the Judicial precedent of The Word of God.  In so many past Matthew 18 conflict resolutions I have either been involved in or was asked to be a part of I have noticed that many ministers or believers who are well seasoned in the things of God have a big “Achilles Heel” of self delusion.  They (and even I have been guilty before) of placing prophetic words, or what they hear in prayer as having more precedent than the written Word of God!  We must not dance around the topic and be arrogant and lie against the truth.  It does not really matter what we have heard in prayer or received in prayer or prophecy from others because that can come forth from a impure conscience or hurt and the enemy loves to play upon this with very cunningly craftiness.  WE MUST OBEY THE LITERAL WORD OF GOD! PERIOD!!

Take this short teaching this morning and let us search our hearts.  Be brutally honest and then have the courage to contact that brother or sister who has offended us or we them…and reach out the hand of unconditional love and reconciliation.  Go to them first and them only…. And even if they don’t listen calibrate yourselves to keep up the momentum to keep talking to them no matter how long it takes to bring in those who are acting accountable only to themselves.  Don’t give up and do not get tempted into a place of anger or frustration…  Stay in that place of gentleness and the inner shalom that you will experience supernaturally as you are a warring peacemaker!

The storm is upon us all…are actions will determine our destiny.  Be courageous and go that extra mile to maintain unity no matter what the cost!

In His service for your faith,

Scott and Dalit

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