Define The Front (Part 3)

Shalom Partners and Fellow Warriors,

Very productive and successful counter-terrorism operations in sync with ground units were completed last week here in Israel.  So successful were these concerted prayers with our partners for this ops in the West Bank less than 72 hours ago, that one of the elite officers contacted me yesterday just to say thank you for the all the “special” assistance!  This is another confirming fruit of the tremendous firepower that is released thru the anointing of Justice that gets the job done when it comes to rounding up the serial killers and those who are given themselves over to legions of demons.  Homeland security and every other CT organization in the world needs warriors like you’all to rise up and be champions against the rising tide of evil in these last days!  Fallen principalities and powers fear the names of those who only bow to the Risen Warrior (Rev. 12:7-12)!  Yeehawh!!!

Today’s audio podcast is a diet of strong meat for the tough warriors out there.  This is not some milky Winnie the Pooh ear tickling therapy message of how to achieve your “destiny” in life. …And thus keep you being brainwashed into a latent effeminate and sterile neutral zone of false calmness, when instead you need to be zealously confronting evil and terror, (just like the passengers on the Delta Christmas flight to Detroit who immediately jumped the Nigerian terrorist while the others were screaming like a bunch of geese!  I like folks like that!  I would have loved to have been there to help in that rugby scrum at 10,000 feet!)

This is a in your face message of warning to focus and understand what are the two fronts the Kingdom of God is now stirring on.  This message will cause people to hate you and perhaps even want to kill you…just like our Master in Luke 4.  But what a great privilege to suffer shame for His Name!  It is time to proclaim the mysteries of God in this hour and warn the people that a Luke 4 Axis Point is again manifesting in our generation as it did in His Is. 61 sermon in that Nazareth synagogue!  This time the blindness, hardness, and deafness is again coming directly from God (not the devil) upon His house….the same as He did 2,000 years ago!  This time this riddle is not upon the Jewish people but the Gentile believers grafted in!  Therefore, don’t be caught up in so much entertainments and secret sin of self pleasure, that you miss this mysterious warning in the top of the Mulberry trees!  It is 911 in the Spirit…not a 411 information access call!

Once you clearly see these two fronts explained in this latest podcast, then marshal up all your strength, time, zeal, and provisions to run to this battle front as did the might men and women found in the epic battles in the Scriptures!  C’mon you Deborah’s!  Rise up and fight!  C’mon you mighty men on the caliber of David!  Rise up and engage this front line!  This is where the Spirit of God is moving into in this late hour and rejoice that your privileged to be separated and selected for this special warfare units of the Kingdom of God!  The sound of war is in the encampment of Heaven right now… there is no other option but to follow this cloud hotly into this war front (Numbers 10:33-36; Ps. 68:1-18)!  All the luke warm will just become the puke warm as did the 10 Israelite spies who wanted to go back to slavery instead of fight for their inheritance (Numbers 14 and Rev. 3:16)!  Come to think about it…if you are wanting to visit us here in Israel but are scared of the places we go to fight…then don’t call us!  There is plenty of religious tour operators who will charter you around into the dead swamp water religious malaria filled sites of yesteryear!  We only have room for those who are like the war stallions found in first book of the Scriptures (Job 39:19-25)!  We are here to train you and not entertain you and let God pop the best and worst out of you in the desert of His choosing (there is 7 of them here in this tiny country LOL)!

(Listen to “DEFINE THE FRONT (Part 3)” podcast)

Let God arise and let His enemies be splattered….  And this podcast will help do it!

In His service for your faith,

Scott and Dalit

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