1. Eva Nilssen

    LOVED this message!!!!! SO TIMELY!

  2. Lanny

    Timely message. I have just left a church where the pastor said that I cannot express any disagreement with his teachings, if I want to attend his church. Also, people HAVE to tithe, if they want to be official members of his church.

  3. leigh

    ty for this. took me forever to finally get that David was trying to do His will building the house, but it was not God’s will. reading NIV says “Whatever you have in mind do it for God is with you.” Nathan flaking out.. whatever.. could David have had something real word and God not corrected him… accountability. God holds us accountable too. you said that at the beginning or responsible.. im still learning discernment. i want Holy Spirit to teach me more.

  4. Terri

    Loved this message…..so timely! Scott when are you coming to Canada again? Lord willing my husband and I need to be there!!!!

  5. Marie Raca

    God said, Listen to Scott, My son, he speaks my truth. He always confims what He reveals to me through you Thank you so much. Also, thanks to your teaching and the anointing, I am now running and planning to run the Boston Marathon at the age of 63 years young. God Bless

  6. shoshi Albert

    this is really good. God bless you for your stand. I am so happy you are courageous and speak what the Lord gives you and not to please man. not many have the courage to speak the truth of the Word any more.
    Speaking the truth is not popular and they say prophecying not the same as the ot prophesying.
    say nice things . Dont speak truth that offends people. Where is this in the Bible?

    I am presently studying Hebrew classical and also Biblcal. What a blessing. When the Lord supplies a way for me to come I would love to come.

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