Found in the third chapter of Habakkuk is a realm in worship that suspends linier time known as “Shigionoth” which few people dare to enter into, a place where we let go and focus your  worship on Him, a place of sudden atmospheric change where you tap into the eternal realm!  Listen in and  discover how to enter into this realm.


  1. peter

    the lord will move in this real when ever his wills, if you are his bond servants to do his will will, ex sample i go witnessing, one day i was on the bus going home after i thought the day was over and i was paying attention for my point of exit time moved then i was two blocks past were i was to get off when i got off there was a man who needed to hear his words the lord Jesus lives!!!!!!!

  2. Jennifer

    Wow! This message led me straight to an anointing that led left me prostrate and worshiping. A place I did not want to leave.
    I was reading Habakkuk and I just wanted to know what the word “Shigionoth” meant and I googled it. I ended up in a tear filled-snot dripping-belly crawling worship!!
    I took a trip to heaven!
    God Bless you

  3. Elder C.A.T. Robinson

    Thank you, truly truth reigns. Knowing John 3:16 is good but knowing John 3:21 is also crucial. I have experienced Shigionoth in my own life several times and your sermon on this awesome place of worship, where you are completely engulf in the spirit realm and time is suspended; stirred up my pure mind to seek Shigionoth again. I pray that the listeners of your sermon will understand the importance, life-changing experience of a Shigionoth. God bless you my brother, warrior of God.

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