On March 30th, 2007 the entertainment industry was shook with a major warning from God in the form of a devastating forest fire at the site of the famous Hollywood sign.  Exactly five days earlier at the very spot where the massive fire consumed the iconic mountain side, a small group of believers took a stand against everything that this place symbolized.  This message is part one of four messages leading up to the commission of God to stand in gap against this portal of the underworld known as Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

Message one:  The Place

Scripture texts

Romans 8:35 – 9:2
Romans 11:1,8
Isaiah 6:1-13
Romans 11:9, 25,26
Jeremiah 50:4-7
Ezekiel 1:20
Genesis 28:10-22
Isaiah 66:1,2
Revelation 7:15-17

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  • Blessing or Curse You Can Choose
    By Derek Prince

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A green crescent appeared in this photo taken while sounding the shofar
against its terrorist regime of Iran

(Green desert pasture and watering holes coming soon)

Satellite image of Bethel, Israel

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