Below is the link to the courageous exploit of a couple coached by my same coach. They are rowing unassisted from SF to Hawaii with no sugar onboard! I also have already begun implementing their same diet and witnessing good results!

Act on Sugar and Processed Foods!

Sugar: Our Silent Killer
For years we’ve been told that people are obese and diabetic mainly because they’re lazy, eat too much and exercise too little. It’s just ‘Calories-In vs. Calories-Out’. Just eat less, exercise more. It’s your own fault! But is it? I (Sami) have been a competitive athlete most of my life and despite 10+ hours a week of endurance training, have struggled with weight and blood sugar when I was eating the typical ‘healthy’ low fat and consequently high carbohydrate and highly processed, grain and sugar infused diet. In fact, despite being a top amateur tri-athlete, I was pre-diabetic just a few years ago.
Finally we have solid scientific evidence that sugar and processed carbohydrates actually change the biochemistry in our bodies, so that we crave more, eat more, gain fat and develop insulin resistance and diabetes BECAUSE of our over-exposure to sugar. The worst part is that sugar is everywhere in processed foods, from ketchup to juice to pasta sauce to bread to cold cut meats. As an example, a typical breakfast of juice, bagel, cereals and skim milk is essentially four cups full of sugar and sugar-like highly processed carbohydrates. What a way to welcome diabetes early in the morning!

Learn more about sugar and what it does in your body

Is Sugar Toxic?

(Visit this link and read their blog on their courageous exploit to row unassisted from San Francisco to Hawaii!)


Shalom Friends,

In these trying times people need to experience the pure and invigorating joy of victory gained by the supernatural hand of God.  I greatly desire that this 3rd installment of my involvement in the Maccabiah Olympic Games here in Israel infuse you with this same pure and supernatural joy of a victory gained against overwhelming odds!  It is transferable via this digital medium so get your hearts open and let the river flow to all the dry areas of your life even now!

Exactly one year ago I was precipitating into quickly becoming another statistic of a hard working middle-aged husband/father who was on the path to obesity and sickness.  It was not due to being lazy and inactive but rather it was the slow descent of a lifestyle based on unhealthy choices that stem from the late night culture of entertainment and fellowship of our modern society.  I knew that my overeating at night after conducting powerful revival meetings was not healthy the last 15 years, but really had no role model to follow as most of the anointed servants I was fellowshipping with were also tipping the scales towards obesity.  I’m not sure I can exactly pinpoint the date when I made the decision to radically alter my culturally influenced lifestyle, however, I do remember the date that a Godly fear gripped my heart to attack evil and it’s greatest manifestation today is in the form of religious terrorism.  Not just the brand of Islamic jihad but also the camouflaged religious caliber of fear that manifest in the kingship monarchy system (i.e. Saul’s pursuing the David’s).

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Bodily Exercise Profits Little?  What Did The Apostle Paul Actually Mean By This Statement?

How would you’all like to do some house cleaning and expose some religiosity that may have taken root in our consciences and minds concerning a very important aspect of maintaining our health in these last days?  If I have your permission, then let me shine some Holy Ghost light on a dark fear that has hamstrung many of God’s choice warriors from being all that He has predestined them to be due to a misquotation and shallow reading of a very well known Scripture found in The Apostle Paul’s first epistle to Timothy.

“For bodily exercise profiteth little, but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and that which is to come.” 
(I Timothy 4:8 KJV)

For decades I have heard this verse taught, preached, and used as a self implied safeguard to help keep eager disciples from potentially crossing a mysterious line of becoming “carnal” if time is employed in exercise and physical fitness that somehow interferes with living godly and holy in this present age.  As a result not only myself, but many other fine soldiers for Yeshua have had the correction applied by well meaning but still religious believers, that our endeavors to maintain a certain fitness level thru systematic exercise was of little profit.  We were “wasting our time” and needed to be instead busy for God.  I of course submitted to this apparent “safeguard” as did many other of the fine soldiers I fellowshipped with, and although we still did do a little bit of aerobic/cardio exercising during the week, it was not enough to really bring about the benefits intended for our physical temples. Continue reading