Below is the link to the courageous exploit of a couple coached by my same coach. They are rowing unassisted from SF to Hawaii with no sugar onboard! I also have already begun implementing their same diet and witnessing good results!

Act on Sugar and Processed Foods!

Sugar: Our Silent Killer
For years we’ve been told that people are obese and diabetic mainly because they’re lazy, eat too much and exercise too little. It’s just ‘Calories-In vs. Calories-Out’. Just eat less, exercise more. It’s your own fault! But is it? I (Sami) have been a competitive athlete most of my life and despite 10+ hours a week of endurance training, have struggled with weight and blood sugar when I was eating the typical ‘healthy’ low fat and consequently high carbohydrate and highly processed, grain and sugar infused diet. In fact, despite being a top amateur tri-athlete, I was pre-diabetic just a few years ago.
Finally we have solid scientific evidence that sugar and processed carbohydrates actually change the biochemistry in our bodies, so that we crave more, eat more, gain fat and develop insulin resistance and diabetes BECAUSE of our over-exposure to sugar. The worst part is that sugar is everywhere in processed foods, from ketchup to juice to pasta sauce to bread to cold cut meats. As an example, a typical breakfast of juice, bagel, cereals and skim milk is essentially four cups full of sugar and sugar-like highly processed carbohydrates. What a way to welcome diabetes early in the morning!

Learn more about sugar and what it does in your body

Is Sugar Toxic?

(Visit this link and read their blog on their courageous exploit to row unassisted from San Francisco to Hawaii!)



(quote from film CHARIOTS OF FIRE)

Ok I hope you enjoyed the video of the wounded warriors below! This AM we continued our spontaneous outreach to the endurance community in Texas to bring them into an awareness of supporting Israel!

…And again the power of the Holy Ghost manifested in the Texas oven-like-heat to propel me into a 2nd Place finish in my category (see image of results below)!

Usually the last few kilometers of a Olympic distance tri race is brutal in the heat…but today the anointing dropped on me and my feet felt like a deer! People were so curious and wanted to know more about Israel and who we are! GLORY TO GOD!

(The amazing manifestation to me is that just a few days before this race I could still hardly walk normally due to the brutal Ironman Texas race in Houston on May 18th!))



From “Hero To Zero” by only 16 oz of water! (LOL)

Difficult pain mgmt day on the run course Saturday at Ironman Texas! The 3.8k swim was spot on and a relaxed effort of 1:07 despite the crowded fighting going on in the water with 2500 people in a small lake! Very crowded and zero visibility of water! But came out of the water feeling surprisingly fresh and ready for war! (You should have seen the shock in the eyes when I told my Israeli Navy SEAL friends that there might be alligators in this Houston lake!)

The 180k bike segment was very fast thru the rolling hills and at kilometer 90 was ready to go to war as I had caught and stayed with some very fast riders in my age category. Was feeling so good that I even did not think twice about stopping to get a water bottle that I dropped at an aid station (mega mistake)! Then suddenly at kilometer 112 both quads began to cramp like never before! So spinned in easy to prepare for the marathon run. First 8 k was good but quads were not releasing from the severe cramps. Everything in me seemed to just shut down at that moment and was fighting severe dehydration and heat exhaustion! It came so suddenly that the volunteers wanted to pull me from the race. What? By only missing 16 oz of water in the nutriton plan!!!!

But then I saw some wonderful believers who were holding up signs along the run course with BIBLE SCRIPTURES and I revived at that moment on the hot run! Glory to GOD! Was then able to finish to one of the most amazing experiences ever! The finish line chute was filled with thousands of people and as they saw me struggling then raising up the Israeli flag, they went wild with approval! It was waves and waves of sheer joy and anointing sweeping over all of us as people cried out in support of Israel! I have no words to describe the ecstasy of rapturous love and joy these Texas believers manifested! (The unsaved Israeli’s who witnessed this were stunned at this oupouring of support for Israel! It was so easy to witness to them later over dinner about the agape love! Mission accomplished!)

Tough race day in Texas! But what a glorious finish!

So what can we all learn from this endurance race? DRINK everytime Abba quickens us to pray/worship no matter how busy or preoccupied we maybe at the moment. Don’t miss your water/feeding times with Him daily or you will suffer spiritual dehydration later in the day!

Mega blessings to all for your prayers and support! What a glorious outreach it was for my Israeli Navy SEAL buddies….


Its fun to yield to the fire of the Holy Ghost and run the race with Divine focus and blameless zeal! This latest Spirit Filled exploit last week was featured on the Eastern side of the Sea of Galilee. This happened to be a very busy miracle area for Yeshua in His earthly ministry and many demons were cast out of suffering people here.

I knew this before entering this difficult and technical endurance race and whenever I would pass by a known miracle open heaven Biblical location on the race route, I would just keep yielding to the Holy Ghost within! There was such drive and power manifesting that even this younger racer sprinting all out here with me the final few kilometers (see video), would tell me later that I was his “hero” and was amazed at the “energy” I exhibited. The Jew requires a sign and we now have tremendous open doors here thru this new venue of Spirit Filled Fitness exploits in the Land of Israel! Lots of folks wanting to know how I can race so fast at 100 kilos (220 lbs) in this sweltering heat and still take 2nd place!

…Well then, let’s go sit down in the local Israeli cafe and let me tell you about how I was kidnapped one night not by a UFO, but by THE LIVING GOD AND HIS SHEKINAH GLORY….. 🙂


2014 Israman North Triathlon Competition Testimony

2014 Israman North Triathlon Competition

1st and 2nd place AG finishers of Friday’s triathlon race at the Sea of Galilee! I love to prefer others!!! It’s the Jesus way of fishing for men!

I actually won 1st place according to the posted time results this AM, but because he used the wrong race chip by mistake he was not even listed! When I found that out…I exchanged medals with him and it blew his mind! He knows about Yeshua 40 yrs ago from Dalit’s friend witnessing to him! NOW GOD IS REELING HIM BACK IN! Isn’t this cool!!!!!