Its fun to yield to the fire of the Holy Ghost and run the race with Divine focus and blameless zeal! This latest Spirit Filled exploit last week was featured on the Eastern side of the Sea of Galilee. This happened to be a very busy miracle area for Yeshua in His earthly ministry and many demons were cast out of suffering people here.

I knew this before entering this difficult and technical endurance race and whenever I would pass by a known miracle open heaven Biblical location on the race route, I would just keep yielding to the Holy Ghost within! There was such drive and power manifesting that even this younger racer sprinting all out here with me the final few kilometers (see video), would tell me later that I was his “hero” and was amazed at the “energy” I exhibited. The Jew requires a sign and we now have tremendous open doors here thru this new venue of Spirit Filled Fitness exploits in the Land of Israel! Lots of folks wanting to know how I can race so fast at 100 kilos (220 lbs) in this sweltering heat and still take 2nd place!

…Well then, let’s go sit down in the local Israeli cafe and let me tell you about how I was kidnapped one night not by a UFO, but by THE LIVING GOD AND HIS SHEKINAH GLORY….. 🙂


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