The New Special Forces of God – Episode 4: Caffeine

Shalom Fellow Warriors,

Just want to go on record here and say that I’m crazy about Jesus and His cycles of Glory metamorphosis!  Yes that’s right, I’m more intoxicated with His Presence than anything else in life and stay driven every AM in the early morning blackness to wait upon Him in sheer obedience to complete His ops with wholehearted eagerness!  There is nothing like His intoxicating nearness as we go from faith to faith and glory to glory (Romans 1:17)!

Today’s EMM nugget of wisdom is about a stimulant called “caffeine”.  A stimulant created by God in Genesis 1, but must be used in moderation for increased alertness/productivity in His vineyard.  This short video clip is just my way of using caffeine for projects or aerobic training blocks, but still not being controlled by it.  There is excellent research coming out now in the endurance sports community about the benefits of caffeine in endurance training/racing.  However, like any natural stimulant there must be seasons of fasting from it to flush your system and then gradual phases of restart, before you can maximize the benefits for training and creativity focus.  (Personal note- if I was not leading a active lifestyle of Ironman endurance exercise, then I would minimize my caffeine intake drastically.  But that is just me…).

Some folks out there may get “religious” about this teaching and yet others will grasp what is being said here and use this to further propel them in sheer obedience to please Abba!  So as always, it is an extreme joy to share these nuggets of truth with you’all as we race this endurance lifestyle of faith together to see His Face!

Be extremely intoxicated in His joy until rapturous frolicking initiates into exploits for His Name to be glorified!

In His service for your faith,


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