Warming Up for Israel TT Cycling Championship
Heading image: Warming Up for Israel TT Cycling Championship

Shalom Fellow Warriors,

I pray this update finds you in great joy and exuberant rivers of thanksgiving!  Lots of stuff to report in the next series of emails and today we will begin with the latest installment of the Spirit Filled Fitness exploit chronicles we started several years ago!  I have such a fire of desire to help fellow Holy Ghost warriors keep their mobile earthly tabernacles in high levels of operational performance.  As Special Operators for Abba in this late hour it is imperative you win the Battle of the Bulge (overweight confinement= solitary confinement) and sprint ahead in this race of faith!

Let me begin by encouraging all of you not to give up when you have lapses in your training schedules and start to pick up added weight much faster than it took to burn it off in months gone by.  This is a war of attrition and many courageous decisions to get your weight under control and achieve higher levels of fitness have been interrupted with seasons of disappointments due to injury, unseen family matters, increased projects at work, etc….  It takes great focus and self denial to yield to the Holy Spirit promptings to exercise with a future goal of self mastery of the lower nature per Romans Chapter 8.

It is not easy at times and great suffering occurs mentally when the carnal nature wants to return back to its slothful comfortable ways of self indulgence!  Hence, this is what I call the Battle of The Bulge!  When victory is on the way after several months of self denial and fitness levels increasing positively, suddenly there is a surprise counter attack from the enemy (i.e. Panzer divisions of Nazi’s in Ardennes in 1944 WWII), that is so fierce that many become MIA or POW’s to the enemies warfare traps.  Why is this mental attack so fierce that even your physical body seems to rebel against any form of manual labor and exercise?  Is it due to mental burnout or poor nutrition that saps energy levels to new lows of despondency?  No dear warriors!  It is usually a mysterious counterattack of the lower carnal nature that is throwing up a smoke screen of final desperation to not change!  Your lower nature has decided to ambush your mind with a smokescreen of despair and hopelessness that you will never turn the corner to Holy Ghost ordained elite levels of physical fitness and endurance!  It is always the darkest before the dawn (LOL)!

Case in Point-  If you do a quick search thru our Spirit Filled Fitness Pages, you can read testimonies and teachings about how to subdue your lower nature thru Holy Ghost guided training.  This advancement is not for cosmetic change, like so many are under peer pressure to achieve, but rather change in your physical composition and aerobic cardiovascular levels that produce parallel spiritual character changes!  I’m talking about not just a lifestyle change, but a metamorphosis in your entire Soul and Body that becomes a finely tuned war tabernacle of self control and obedience to the Heavenly directives in this late hour!  This is not cosmetic outwardly changes only but a inward fountain of living waters being expelled thru a new Spirit filled way of discipline to ruthlessly obey His directives to attack enemy strongholds!  Thus physical fitness and diet for the believer is not just for health and quality of life but for ruthless Spiritual warfare operations to emancipate the POW’s in the prison camps of sin and deception!

Back in November 2012, I took some time off from early morning pre-dawn training to study more tactical special army techniques thru several courses being offered in the US and here in Israel.  It was amazing how much tactical counter-terroism protocols and techniques are found in the Bible and can be applied by believers for the Great Commission (Matt. 28)!  I remember that I slowly began sleeping in during this time and not responding with enthusiasm when the promptings of the Holy Ghost would wake me up in the pre-dawn hours.  The problem was that my flesh enjoyed staying up later at night “fellowshipping” with family and friends and was secretly poisoning me against the suffering involved in training in the winter known as  “base training” times.  And lo and behold 3 months later I was again 25 pounds overweight and in the Battle of the Bulge (i.e. midsection)!  I was shocked how easily my physical tabernacle easily shifted back to a sedentary lifestyle and bombarded my mind with increased appetite for junk foods!  The lie I had accepted was that since I’m a endurance athlete already that it was “OK” to splurge a little here and there since I have worked so hard and will “tomorrow” get back into the calorie burning routine.  Well “tomorrow” never came and after three months of denial I had to wrestle my lower nature back thru Holy Ghost acts of obedience into training and turn the tables on this military conquest my sinful nature was on to neutralize me!  It was hand to hand combat (LOL)!!!

Now after 16 weeks of Spirit Filled Fitness training I have now shed 25 pounds and found a even greater level of fitness I had before!  The Israeli pro coaches here are amazed to see the change and have seen the numbers in rugged FTP laboratory styled testings that just go off the charts!  The Apostle Paul states in I Corinthians 1 that the Jew requires a sign and those here have seen the signs of a new fitness level that supersedes the human understanding!  Glory to God!  The comeback has begun and Abba is so glorified in this!!!!Last month I was in the early morning shahar blackness worshiping Abba and I heard him say to do a operation into the Israeli cycling community.  I hesitated at first because this competition would be out of my comfort zone and physical classification of usually racing in Ironman and Triathlons!  Meaning I would be racing a cycling Time Trial event against other Israelites that are so much smaller in stature and weight.  In TT events, the key is power to weight ratio and small body mass for better aerodynamic/drag numbers.  I had neither and this type of racing in Israel the best I have ever done was only placing 13th in my category.  However, the race was across the street from the IDF Navy Seal base and that gave me the inspiration to attack the course like a BUD’s week!  Well the good news is last week I was able to place number 4 in all of Israel and only missed the podium by 28 seconds!  Just amazing how this all unfolded! A dear Pastor friend from Texas prophesied the night before that the Holy Wind would be behind me just like Elijah.  Little did he know that Mt. Carmel is the view on the return leg of the race!  Glory to God!!!

Enjoy the photos below of the latest comeback into the Elite Israeli racing scene that is such a ripe harvest of special forces in the IDF!  Wow, what a ride it has been and this comeback to #4 in Israel is even more special knowing that it will encourage many of you dear warriors not to give up in this race of faith in these last days!  Don’t give up when you have setbacks!  Marines never retreat…they just regroup and redeploy!

The Joy of the Lord hitting me as i head to the TT starting line.  In the background is Mt. Carmel where Elijah called fire down from Heaven!The Joy of the Lord hitting me as I head to the TT starting line.In the background is Mt. Carmel where Elijah called fire down from Heaven!

  The Cycling sports have exploded in growth in Israel recently!The Cycling sports have exploded in growth in Israel recently!

  Several Israeli riders enjoying my earlier witnessing to them why I painted my bike the colors of the Israeli flag!  They were shocked by my patriotism! Several Israeli riders enjoying my earlier witnessing to them why I painted my bike the colors of the Israeli flag!  They were shocked by my patriotism!

  On you Mark!  Get set!  Go!On you Mark!  Get set!  Go!

Finnish Line!Finnish Line!

  The Joy of the Lord is my Strength!The Joy of the Lord is my Strength!


Special thanks to Ronit Holtz for the photo art to capture this Spirit Filled Fitness exploit!Special thanks to Ronit Holtz for the photo art to capture this Spirit Filled Fitness exploit!


Time to head home for nutrition!Time to head home for nutrition!

In His service for your faith,


PS, The latest supply drop needed here is for the ongoing stealth operational expenses. A new River has begun out of the heart of Romans 13 for hostage deliverance! New equipment modularity that must be brought in to increase the footprint of this operation has increased recently to $477,200.00.  Cannot give details in this forum, but trust my track record of honesty and purity the last 35 years of service to the new winds of the Holy Ghost, that this new equipment will enable us to do more against terror inside the “Green Line” of Judea and Samaria. That is all the details we can give now, so jump on board and give spontaneously to the Valley of Judges outreach we recently launched here in Israel!  It is simply amazing what is being done in Holy Ghost stealth ops here!!!!

Here is our unit badge for the new team of Judges here in the ME!
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