Shalom Friends,

I have some real powerful secrets to share with you today that will revolutionize your quality of life. This is not something I read in a book or viewed on a video link. These are time-tested disciplines I have used to train myself and other warriors to find that place of physical fitness that God has pre-ordained all of us to walk in! Our bodies (temples) belong to God, and He wants to use them as instruments (weapons) of war in this late hour! This is so exhilarating! So come draft behind what we are pioneering here for not just a healthy and better quality of living, but also another great tool for soul winning and tactical offensive ops against evil! It is time to run with the chariot horses of God per Jeremiah 12:5!

In this latest audio podcast, I will share some secrets I have used to stay the course, not give up, and thus have shed off over 40 pounds thru a Spirit-pleasing practice of diet and exercise. What sets these secrets apart from the plethora of fitness centers, books, programs, equipment, virtual web sites, and most of the highly educated trainers of our contemporary culture is this…we are exercising inside out from a well that never runs dry! It is all about yielding and not just “working out”!

So join with us as we become that radical Gideon’s band of men and women who are buffeting themselves to be His champions per I Cor. 9:24-27!

May His glory haze of pleasure possess you,



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