Shalom Friends,

I have found the zone of physical energy in the secret place and must share it with you this morning.  This is not a communiqué of theory or untested assumptions.  This is a secret zone I have discovered and lived in the last 17 months that must be shared with the Body of Messiah.  I want to help believers who are finding themselves being repeatedly hamstrung by diverse levels of fatigue and yearn for the return to the past days of youthful vigor.  I know in our current culture of being driven to be “successful” that it is not popular to acknowledge one has a hidden problem with being chronically fatigued and battle low energy levels to complete tasks.  Thus things are put on hold and procrastination develops not because of a lack of desire to be productive, but rather because of the surging need to uncouple and find rest/recovery!

When you counsel the thousands of people we have in the last 15 months that have suddenly began to encounter (since the 2008-9 financial crisis began), huge mood swings, secret depression, anger, frustration, suicidal thoughts, unbelief, negative leanings,  phobia’s, and lack of resolve to fight and endure.  Then you begin to see a pattern that takes on apocalyptic proportions!  This is not just an indicator of bad choices in ones diet and lack of exercise.  This is something spiritually much greater and all the evidence coming in now points that this epidemic is one of the warning signs of the grand test that Yeshua prophesied would happen in the last days (Luke 21:33-36)!  We must take evasive action now brothers and sisters!

I have compiled a simple yet deep water teaching podcast this morning for your spiritual advancement.  What does it mean to “wait” upon the Lord and have your strength renewed like the eagles?   How does one increase the levels of physical energy and stamina thru the obedience to foundational Biblical motifs of selflessness?  How does one see long term health problems reversed by this new infusion of physical strength?  Why was Caleb just as strong when he was 80 years old as when he was 40?

I’m sure that these timeless truths mined from the Scriptures will change your life as they have mine!

In His youthful vigor to service your faith,



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Increasing Your Physical Energy

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