Heading Image: A few minuntes before the swim start IM Germany 2011

Exercising Control In All Things (Part 1)

Shalom friends,

It’s been great to get so much positive feedback from our readership base about how the Holy Spirit has been leading people to discipline their physical bodies for spiritual readiness in this late hour.  In our modern culture, it is a war to live healthy with so many temptations that quickly lead to obesity and a lazy entertainment driven lifestyle that dooms the participant into bad health and overlapping spiritual laziness and procrastination.  So in regards to the overwhelming response you Holy Ghost warriors out there have signaled back, we have provided for you’all a fresh teaching video produced recently at Ironman Germany 2011 European Championship.  (This is the 2nd year in a row we have participated in this event)

The purpose of this video teaching:

  1. To encourage you to find the secret of how to maximize the mortification of our temples for war.
  2.  To provide for you scriptural references to keep your desire redlined to run this race with endurance.
  3. To give you ideas on how you too can go into the market place and reach the future leaders of this current generation.
  4. To receive a fresh impartation from the Holy Spirit for supernatural weight loss and healing.

Training you for Godliness in this late hour

In His service for your faith,

Scott Holtz

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