Shalom Friends,

Obesity and preventable diseases is on the rise like never before in our culture.  We here at Rivers In the Desert want to help you achieve victory over the lower nature and recondition your physical temple the way God intended in His original design.  Many of us know this requires hard work and a disciplined lifestyle within the context of efficient time management.  However, I have seen so few do it in a way that is radically God pleasing, Spirit centered, and does not turn into a self absorbed idolatrous quest of cosmetic change due to external peer pressures.

To help combat this epidemic tide of obesity and lack of self denial in our modern culture, we have been led to share with you time tested secrets that we have used in not only keeping the extra pounds off, but also how we transitioned successfully into a strong cardio fitness base for Olympic endeavors or new tactical counterterrorism operations.  It is called Spirit Filled Fitness and once implemented in your life it becomes enjoyable, fun, and extremely well pleasing to God!

In this new site you can find-

  1. Articles on achieving fitness from a Holy Spirit centered perspective
  2. Testimonials about fitness goals achieved with supernatural intervention
  3. MP3 downloads of Holy Spirit spontaneous music that assists training sessions

I envision a whole tactical army of believers being raised up into new levels of health and physical fitness thru this new site.  There is a plethora of fitness centers, books, programs, equipment, virtual web sites, and highly educated trainers in our culture today.  But what we do not have is a tested and proved model of allowing the Holy Spirit’s leadership to train, energize, and build out a fitness pattern whose end goal is using our mobile tabernacles for tactical surgical strikes within the context of the Great Commission.  I’m talking about achieving a level of physical fitness thru the intervention of the Holy Spirit to not only achieve aerobic and cosmetic changes, but also a infusion of fresh new infillings to trigger signs and wonders thru this lifestyle change!  Glory to God!  I have seen it firsthand (I Cor. 9:23-27)!

In launching this new site it is not our goal to become your professional fitness trainer, but rather a fellow Desert Shepherd Warrior who can share nuggets of wisdom on how you too can yield to the Holy Spirit’s guidance in keeping your temple in top physical shape for His service.  So have fun viewing the videos and reading the articles we will be posting regularly here to stimulate you to stay the course and reach that place of physical fitness God pre-ordained by glorious design as His mobile tabernacles of war in these last days!

Keeping you focused on the unseen realm of the Holy Spirit,

Scott Holtz

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